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Deaf Quote by 3rd Ear Girl

Image Via Clipart Wordz 3rdEarGirl

Image Via Clipart
Wordz 3rdEarGirl

I wasn’t born hearing impaired, so I often spend a quality of time wallowing over the hearing I’ve lost.  At other times, when I’m struggling to lip-read someone’s idle chit-chat, mindless gossip or senseless self-appreciation, I can understand why God took my hearing away.


3rd Ear Thoughts – Domesticated Competition

People say that a bit of competition is healthy… When competition is driven by jealousy, pride and being “top dog”, where’s the health benefits in that mixture?

Everyone wants to be a winner

Everyone wants to be a winner

I come across a lot of people that are constantly in competition with each other… Who’s got the better car, the most stylish house, bigger TV, goes on the most exotic holidays, earns more, looks better, dresses better… fucks better. I fail to see what there is to gain from this domesticated competitiveness. What’s the goal of getting yourself into debt because you don’t just want to “keep up with the Jones’”, you want to blow them out of the water? Where does the cycle stop when people are teaching their kids that their worth in life is being “better” than the next kid?

I don’t have that aggression for competition. Maybe that’s why I haven’t succeeded in my life but to me, its a rat race. I don’t judge people because they wear clothes from Primark or Prada and I don’t expect them to judge me. My aims, goals, choices, etc, are my own, not duplicated. I don’t want to be a copy of Suzy down the road. I want to be a better person than the person I was last year, achieve more than I have. My only competition is myself because I have to grow with myself, live with myself and look myself in the eye everyday in the mirror and know that I am being true to me.

Competitiveness - A losing game?

Competitiveness – A losing game?

“Competition is for fools…because they never win” – 3rdEarGirl

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