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LYRIC – You Can’t Have Me

This lyric was composed by myself around three years ago after the song “Funky Town” by Lipps Inc was stuck in my head.   My lyrics express a woman’s reaction to a rich player type guy who’s trying to impress her with his riches… but she’s not interested.


{Intro chorus sung slow}

I don’t want your diamonds

And I don’t need your gold

I don’t care ’bout platinum cards

Cuz my love can’t be sold

I don’t want your kisses

That breath can’t seduce me

I ain’t hearing your three little words

Cuz boy you’ll never

You’ll never have me

diamonds and gold

{Verse 1} You really think you’re something

Rocking your links [chains] like you’re so damned hot

Got all the girls lips-a-drippin’

But this lady right here is not

Why would I want your number?

Huh? When boy I’ve got my own

I don’t play with little boys, kid

I like my men grown


No, I don’t want your diamonds

And I don’t need your gold

I don’t care about your platinum card

Cuz my love can’t be sold

I don’t wanna go to no restaurant

Fancy dining ain’t my thing

Your money may buy you everything you want

But it sure as hell can’t buy

It can’t buy me

{verse 2} I ain’t checking for what car you’re driving

Or your reupholstered seats

I’ve already got my ride home

And if I didn’t, well I’ve got two feet

Don’t hit me with the “let’s be friends” line

Don’t tell me about your point of view

If I want to see a good time

I’ll see it better, far away from you

{repeat chorus}

Copyright 3rd Ear Girl for 3rd Ear Wordz publishing 2014


QUOTE – Keep Your Creativity Guarded

If you’re a creative person with ambitious ideas and no money or support to elevate your ideas, it’s hard to get noticed.  Often, someone will sail by with a plan to help you or advice to enhance your plans.  From past experience I’ve learned not to share the full picture (idea).  There’s a lot of snakes out there that will steal your ideas and pass them off as their own, just because they can. 

QUOTE – Mouth Shut

This quote from 3rd Ear Girl reflects keeping your opinions to yourself.

Sometimes giving an honest opinion when asked or passing a comment in a discussion can cause BIG problems, especially if you’re quite ‘real’, like myself.  To avoid repercussions, or a smack in the mouth, I often just nod and shake my head when required 😉

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