Street Dancer Chris Fonseca to Perform at Deaffest

Spreading the love of some DEAF talent.

The UK's leading Deaf Film & Arts Festival

Born and raised in London, Chris Fonseca is a freelance street dancer/choreographer.

During Chris’ childhood, his aunt encouraged him to watch Breakin’, a 1984 dance classic and since then Chris was inspired to take up dancing. Chris taught himself various dance moves including lyrical hip hop and street dancing.

In 2011 Chris joined the UK’s only all-Deaf dance crew Def Motion and performed at Deaffest in the same year. He has performed with Def Motion at various events including HMV Forum as a support act for Deaf rapper Signmark, the Paralympics opening ceremony in 2012 and Clin d’oeil festival in France.

Last year Chris joined Studio 68 Dance Training Academy as a dance teacher, teaching participants dancing skills and the fundamentals of various dance styles.

He has now stepped down from Def Motion to work on his solo projects as a freelance dancer.

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