Borderline Hoarder Or Just Overly Sentimental

I had some major repairs carried out in my home this week, which meant clearing out rooms so the workmen could carry out their duties. Whist moving boxes and bags of stuff that I’ve accumulated over the years from one room to the next, I concluded that a majority of it is mainly junk, but sentimental junk. A promise to myself to de-clutter and get rid is aimed to be completed before 2015 is over… Seriously!

3rd Ear Girl Isn't This Bad But Given The Chance She Could Be

3rd Ear Girl Isn’t This Bad But Given The Chance She Could Be

My eldest daughter is always calling me a hoarder but I never realised how much unusable stuff I kept hold off until last week when I had workmen coming to work in my home. As a sentimental fool, I have greetings cards, special items of clothing, artwork the kids created at school, gifts I’ll never use, books I’ll never read, all stashed away in cupboards. As a writer I have boxes, folders and bags of half finished stories and poems, magazine and newspaper cuttings that I intended to use 10 years ago but are too nostalgic to throw away now and books and scraps of paper noted with a catalogue of brainstorming ideas that I need to fulfil. Diaries that date way back to my school days revealing embarrassing crushes and disturbingly dark intimate thoughts of a hormonal teen, right up to the present, dealing with motherhood, deafness and life’s drama’s. I can’t just throw everything away but I’ve got to cleanse things up a bit, for the sake of my sanity and much needed storage.

So… the de-cluttering project starts, and as it goes on I will be sharing the journey with you. Hopefully I might be able to revive a few written pieces or ideas that will inspire or entertain somebody out there… We’ll see.  ~ 3rd Ear Girl


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