3rd Ear Wordz is an up and coming art and literary project dreamed up by Donna Woolcock from Donnateller’s Space to promote the creative works of people with challenging difficulties and impairments, but mostly to explore the expression of WORDZ. 3RdEarGirl (no link to the 3rdEyeGirl band) is a writer of poetry, prose, fiction, lyrics, greeting card verses and much more who will be editing and running this blog. There’s no fixed plan or strategy, 3rd Ear Words is showcasing an ability beyond a disability. Wordz can break us, wordz can humour us, wordz can educate us and unite us, regardless.


“I don’t write in the hope of being famous. I write because it’s what I know , what I feel and I have all these ideas bouncing in my brain that need releasing. If I could draw, I’d be an artist, a musician, I’d play an instrument, but I can’t so I write. Of course I want to make a successful career out of it. I have bills to pay like everyone else and writing is the only job I can do that doesn’t require hearing. I also get a buzz when people compliment me on my work. Knowing your words have uplifted, inspired or opened someone’s mind is such a personal high. And I don’t want to stay down” – 3rdEarGirl

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