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The Daily Prayer

You don’t have to be religious to give thanks to the higher being.


Daily Prayer by DAMW



I’m A Survivor (Just)

Five years ago, on this date 4th November 2010, I suffered a subachnoid brain haemorrhage that changed my life drastically. Living with the after effects of a head trauma is a constant battle which leaves me struggling with simple tasks, mentally fighting with emotions and my memory on a constant rollercoaster, but I’m a survivor, determined to overcome living with the “monster” in my head.

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Five years ago, bar being hearing impaired and carrying the emotional baggage of past hiccups throughout life’s dramas, I was a pretty ‘normal’ thirty something mother of two, attending University in a bid to kickstart my career. My morning at uni had been a normal busy one, when suddenly, out of the blue, an excruciatingly painful headache hit me, causing me to collapse and be rushed to hospital.

To talk about 4th November 2010 is really hard for me as I know how close I was to death and my heart skips many beats whenever I relive that day. Forgive me for not going deep into details about my time in hospital, I will do one day, but today’s a survival day. It’s a tough survival, challenging and often lonesome as I battle daily with my inner turmoil, but I’m thankful to be here.

Any writer who has suffered writers block will know how frustrating it is to have ideas floating in your head, yet be unable to create a sentence. I go through that almost every day (this piece should’ve been posted this morning). My haemorrhage hasn’t stolen my ambition to be a successful writer, but it kills my drive. It’s a fight I may never win but I’ll never give in either, because ever since I was a little girl my passion was creative writing. In my better hearing days, my career path was wide and varied, with the loss, writing was all I had and I’m determined not to lose it.

#QUOTE – The Writers’ Bugbear

Someone recently asked me why many writers are struggling to get their work noticed and I came up with this little quip.  Writers are still being successful and people are still reading, but in this “electronically digital” age, videos are the in thing. People want fast fixes, they haven’t got time to read and their brains are too engaged to hold the attention of what the writer is trying to tell them.

The Writer's Struggle

The Writer’s Struggle

#QUOTE – Uplift And Evolve

Today’s quote comes from entrepreneur, Russell Simmonds.  People are too quick to judge and scold a person who’s continuously struggling, instead of offering words of encouragement and support. 

Uplift and Evolve

Uplift and Evolve

Street Dancer Chris Fonseca to Perform at Deaffest

Spreading the love of some DEAF talent.

The UK's leading Deaf Film & Arts Festival

Born and raised in London, Chris Fonseca is a freelance street dancer/choreographer.

During Chris’ childhood, his aunt encouraged him to watch Breakin’, a 1984 dance classic and since then Chris was inspired to take up dancing. Chris taught himself various dance moves including lyrical hip hop and street dancing.

In 2011 Chris joined the UK’s only all-Deaf dance crew Def Motion and performed at Deaffest in the same year. He has performed with Def Motion at various events including HMV Forum as a support act for Deaf rapper Signmark, the Paralympics opening ceremony in 2012 and Clin d’oeil festival in France.

Last year Chris joined Studio 68 Dance Training Academy as a dance teacher, teaching participants dancing skills and the fundamentals of various dance styles.

He has now stepped down from Def Motion to work on his solo projects as a freelance dancer.

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