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3RD EAR QUOTE – Life, A Senseless Lie

judge judy reflection

This reflection comes from something TV Judge, Judy Sheindlin says very often on her show, and it’s true.  If something somebody tells you makes no logical sense, it’s most likely to be bullshit. 

Recently, many things have been told/explained/fed to me that don’t make no sense at all.  Am I stupid?  Paranoid maybe?  Or is my life just one senseless lie?

3rd Ear Girl


QUOTE -When Death Is A Gain, Not Pain.

prince people

Betrayal After Death

I came up with this quote after seeing some ruthless actions from the family and friends of a dear person I once knew.


Poem/Lyric – What Am I Supposed To Do?

what am i to do

A relationship broken down.  The woman has given it her all but isn’t getting much of a response from her man. Does she fight for love or should she walk away from it?  What is she supposed to do?

You know how I feel for you

So why d’ya keep trying to make me prove

What’s perfectly clear

Pushing me away, double siding me

Is only gonna make me disappear

There’s only so much I can take

Damn it! I got feelings too

Wanna share my dreams with you

But you’re making it so hard for me

So hard for me

So what am I supposed to do?

It’s fair to say, I’ve gotta share the blame

Trying to steer you from the reality and pain

Tried to paint a perfect picture fantasy

Even though we were suffering in the misery

But please, you must always remember

Right or wrong I’ve always been there for ya

From January through to December

Stood there strong by your side

Trying to guide you through life

Now you’re pushing me, fighting me

Double siding me

After all that we’ve been through

Be honest with yourself

You know I’d never do that to you

So tell me what am I supposed to do?

I don’t wanna see you in misery

I don’t wanna see you in pain

But if it means a replay of all the hell we’ve been through

Then I don’t wanna see you again

You see trust means a lot to me

And you’ve broken mine too many times

Then you say you realise

And tell me you wanna give our relationship another try

But how do I know that you’re not just spinning another lie

I have feelings for you and always will do

But when you’re fighting me, double siding me. Tell me

What am I supposed to do?

*Copyright Lady Syxess 2007

*  This lyric was published under Lady Syxess (my other alias) and published on the now defunct Triond website.  All rights reserved.

QUOTE – Mouth Shut

This quote from 3rd Ear Girl reflects keeping your opinions to yourself.

Sometimes giving an honest opinion when asked or passing a comment in a discussion can cause BIG problems, especially if you’re quite ‘real’, like myself.  To avoid repercussions, or a smack in the mouth, I often just nod and shake my head when required 😉

QUOTE – A Message For The Haters

Unfortunately, whatever our walks in life, we all have to deal with haters.  Some of us are lucky enough to just brush the negativity shown by haters away, whilst others suffer a miserable silence.  My advice… Never give haters the satisfaction of knowing they’re getting to you.  QUOTE FOR THE HATERZ

2 My Haters

2 My Haters


This little lush poem is about a woman finding her true love partner and devoured in the power of sexiness.  3rd Ear Girl is still looking for ‘The One’, but it doesn’t stop her writing about him.

Wordz - 3rd Ear Girl Image -

Wordz – 3rd Ear Girl
Image –

POEM – Lost

Lost is a poem reflecting the inner emotions of depression.  I originally published this in 2006 and decided to bring it out of the vault to share at a time when so many people are going through dark times.  Believe me, I understand.

Each day I wake up thinking to myself

Can I make it through another day of hell?

Don’t wanna get out of bed

But I’ve gotta shake these voices in my head

They’ve got me wishing I was dead

Or someplace else instead

Of this life of fighting a losing battle

Can’t get on my saddle and take control

Feels like I’m losing my soul

My dreams, my self-respect, my ambitions

All replaced with fear

Waiting in vain for a better tomorrow

But damn! There goes another year

And I’m still here, in the same shit

The same sorry-assed merry-go-round

The cold reality in this lonely world

© 3rd Ear Girl 2014

Revised edition of ‘A Lost Battle’ Purple Banana Publishing 2006

Deaf Quote by 3rd Ear Girl

Image Via Clipart Wordz 3rdEarGirl

Image Via Clipart
Wordz 3rdEarGirl

I wasn’t born hearing impaired, so I often spend a quality of time wallowing over the hearing I’ve lost.  At other times, when I’m struggling to lip-read someone’s idle chit-chat, mindless gossip or senseless self-appreciation, I can understand why God took my hearing away.

3rd Ear Thoughts – Domesticated Competition

People say that a bit of competition is healthy… When competition is driven by jealousy, pride and being “top dog”, where’s the health benefits in that mixture?

Everyone wants to be a winner

Everyone wants to be a winner

I come across a lot of people that are constantly in competition with each other… Who’s got the better car, the most stylish house, bigger TV, goes on the most exotic holidays, earns more, looks better, dresses better… fucks better. I fail to see what there is to gain from this domesticated competitiveness. What’s the goal of getting yourself into debt because you don’t just want to “keep up with the Jones’”, you want to blow them out of the water? Where does the cycle stop when people are teaching their kids that their worth in life is being “better” than the next kid?

I don’t have that aggression for competition. Maybe that’s why I haven’t succeeded in my life but to me, its a rat race. I don’t judge people because they wear clothes from Primark or Prada and I don’t expect them to judge me. My aims, goals, choices, etc, are my own, not duplicated. I don’t want to be a copy of Suzy down the road. I want to be a better person than the person I was last year, achieve more than I have. My only competition is myself because I have to grow with myself, live with myself and look myself in the eye everyday in the mirror and know that I am being true to me.

Competitiveness - A losing game?

Competitiveness – A losing game?

“Competition is for fools…because they never win” – 3rdEarGirl

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