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Purple Interludes No 1 – The Dream

I’m missing Prince… Some fans can create art, sing tributes, make symbolic items, etc, as they mourn him.  I can only write about how I feel… This is Purple Interlude No 1.

Interlude 1 dream

Purple Interlude No 1

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Being a Prince fan for 28 years, to say I was devastated when he passed away in April this year is a huge understatement.  I wrote this lyric in the mid 90s about the impact both his music and persona had on my life.  


Taught a girl how to be a woman
Gave her the guidance 2 find what she was looking for
Showed her another way of having fun
U know how 2 keep her coming back for more

And when I’m falling you are there 2 save me
From the bad girl that they try 2 make me
A long tough struggle but i know I’ll make it through
Cuz baby I’ve got you

detroit 84

Prince on stage in Detroit 1984

When I was weak and wanted 2 give up
U made me take a deeper look inside
Showed me how 2 smile and toughen up
You gave a boost 2 raise my fallen pride (chorus)

They can darken my rainbow. How you make me feel they’ll never know. As they grab another stone 2 throw, I grow. Into a light from which I’ve been kept hidden. A light brighter than the sun that shines. For every sin I’ve made I now feel forgiven. All my doubts and fears erased from my mind. Reality’s still a bitch, but it’s more easier 2 face. Now I know your heart is my home. Somewhere I can go when I feel alone. A reason 2 keep going forward without having 2 look back. Thank you 4 saving me and putting me on the right track.

Copyright D Woolcock for 3rd Ear Wordz 

3rd Ear Girls Stand Out Memories – An Introduction

A short introduction into 3rd Ear Girls new project ‘Stand Out Memories’.  A deconstructed memoir of a colourful life, the struggles, the pain, the influences and a lot of naughtiness.  

Stand Out Memories Cover 2016

                                                      Stand Out Memories Cover 2016

As a writer (struggling) and someone who has gone through a rollercoaster of experiences and emotions in life, people often tell me that I should write an autobiography… If I could write the whole truth and nothing but, I probably would. However, I’m loyal and discreet to those who I regard as ‘my fam’ in life and telling the whole truth could upset people I don’t want to hurt or expose those who’ve put a past mistake to bed and have moved on.

Sharing some of my Stand Out Memories gives me the chance to tell some unforgettable and cherished stories and pay tribute to the wonderful people who I’ve come across in life. I can also shake off some bad memories of the many villains I’ve had to endure along the way. I’m just changing a few names, settings and dates whilst the core of the story remains the truth.

The theme of my Stand Out Memories is aptly labelled, Chaos And Disorder, because even in the most tranquil and happiest moments in life, there’s always some chaos and disorder in the mix. Chaos and Disorder is also the title of a song written by my favourite musician, the late Prince Rogers Nelson.

“ I’m just a no-name reporter

I wish I had nothin’ to say

Looking through my new camcorder

Tryna find a crime that pays…

I get hit by mortars, everywhere I go I’m loitering

Chaos and disorder ruining my world today ”

Chaos and Disorder – Prince (1996) NPG Records

There’s no chronological structure or rule of narrative, I will just write as I feel, when I feel it. I’ve always struggled when it comes to writing about myself, but I’m enjoying this project so far. I hope you will enjoy reading it.

© 3rd Ear Girl 2016


This Week In 3rd Ear World

This week (June 1st  -June 7th 2015) 3rd Ear Girl has been Jumping For Joy and gone Back To Black. Discrimination, bad neighbours and toothache; it’s all going down in 3rd Ear World.


The Topping NX1; making listening to music more pleasurable for broke hearing impaired music lovers

The Topping NX1; making listening to music more pleasurable for broke hearing impaired music lovers

After a very late night on Sunday, I was a grumpy chops when my daughter awoke me at 7:30am this morning. Also I’ve been toying around with my new Topping NX1 audio amplifier which helps me hear the sound from my mobile and mp3 player, via my headphones much better than normal. Hearing impaired sufferers will know how expensive deaf equipment is, so paying £23.49 for this little portable amp is a blessed bargain. No, I can’t hear music super perfectly, but I’m hearing vocals and instruments much clearer than before and it’s minute size is handy for travel. I love it! When I win some money I will definitely be upgrading to the Topping NX2.


A smiley face for JOYful news

A smiley face for JOYful news

Finding out the news that my dear friend Joy has been discharged from hospital had me literally Jumping For Joy. She’s been extremely poorly these last couple of weeks, on the brink of death so being sent home is a positive sign for her.


I wish hearing people would show more consideration when talking to deaf people

I wish hearing people would show more consideration when talking to deaf people

A dream from last night has been plaguing my thoughts. Moving into a new house. I wish!!!Bumped into one of the mothers from my daughters schools who had a lot to say but I didn’t hear much of it and her lisp didn’t help with reading her lips. So I just nodded where I thought appropriate. She knows I’m deaf but as with many people in my life, they continue to rattle on and speak AT me. I’m totally peeved with Channel 5…again. A mainstream British TV channel that continuously disses deaf viewers with their lack of subtitles. Not happy at all. Dyed my grey roots. I loathe them and having black hair exposes them brightly. I started having one or two grey strands in my teens, in my thirties, they came fast and furious.

My grey haired roots. Aargh!!!

My grey haired roots. Aargh!!!


A fraction of the type of crap I've had to endure from the nightmare neighbours

A fraction of the type of crap I’ve had to endure from the nightmare neighbours

This morning I caught my eleven year old trying to sneak out of the house with mascara on. Kids! I sent her to the bathroom to wash her face whilst giving her the 3rd degree. There’s plenty of time for her to be worrying about make-up… School work is her main agenda now. Punishment was being banned from using her tablet. That’ll teach her. Lovely sunny day, perfect for putting the washing out to dry. But I can’t do that, thanks to having the vilest neighbours living in the maisonette above me. Dog shit, cigarette ends, beer cans, food, dirty knickers loiter in both my front and back garden. I refuse to clear it up and our landlord (Whitefriars Housing) are doing jack doodle do to rectify the situation, even though witnesses have reported the scum. Lesson of the day; being deaf and a social housing tenant is both humiliating and discriminating.


Job search nightmares

Job search nightmares

Finally received an email from the recruitment advisor about my work experience position in administration. I should hopefully start next week. I worked in admin years ago when my hearing was better and although I earned a higher education diploma and attended university, I have to work my way from the bottom to gain employment. My health issues don’t help either. As well as being hearing impaired, I still suffer effects from a brain haemorrhage four years ago and I have reoccurring sciatica. Having a disability exposes a bucketload of discrimination in finding work. That’s why I like to write… Me, pen, paper or a computer and a sea of ideas…hmm. Don’t pay the bills though.


Mcdonalds Mango and Pineapple Smoothie... My kinda drink

Mcdonalds Mango and Pineapple Smoothie… My kinda drink

A day out in the sun with the 11 year old shopping, chatting and joking followed by lunch in Mcdonalds. Hot burger and cold fries, washed down with a mango and pineapple smoothie (my fave beverage of the moment). Tried to seek a moment of tranquillity to inspire my writing… Sadly nothing. My brain is bogged down with too many stresses, there’s just too much negativity in the 3rd Ear World this year. The evening ended with tormenting toothache. My pain threshold is fairly high but the pain I’ve endured this year is enough to send anyone off their rocker. Toothache is annoying and I can’t eat properly so a visit to the dentist is unavoidable (Boo Hoo!)


Prince - 57 and still still rocking hard

Prince – 57 and still still rocking hard

It’s the 57th birthday of my music idol, Prince, so a good excuse to blast out some Purple tunes and have a boogie. His songs are engraved in my memory so even though I struggle hearing the lyrics, I know the beats, the riffs and when to come in with the lyrics. Caught the men’s French Open final…Novak Djokovic got slaughtered by Stan Wawrinka 6-4 4-6 3-6 4-6 in a action packed match. I love tennis, watching, not playing. Now I’m off to complete a pile of ironing.



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