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Quote By 3rd Ear Girl – ‘Know Your Worth’

As #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek comes to a close, 3rd Ear Wordz shares this quote to uplift those who are struggling alone with depression and are put down by those around them.

worth 2

Quote by 3rd Ear Girl

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QUOTE -When Death Is A Gain, Not Pain.

prince people

Betrayal After Death

I came up with this quote after seeing some ruthless actions from the family and friends of a dear person I once knew.


Wordz Of Wisdom

Another Gregory Prince quote offering words of wisdom and self-thought.

Gregory Prince

Gregory Prince

#QUOTE – Life Stinks

This quote reflects the saying ‘you get out of life what you put into it’. If you’re surrounding yourself with negative people that do bad things and/or treat you badly, then you’ve got to expect crap things will happen in your life. If you’re willingly leading a life of sin and destruction, if your actions don’t catch up with you, Karma certainly will.

QUOTE – A Flower In Bloom




Love this #RealQuote personifying a flowers journey before blooming.  Reflects us humans too.

flower in bloom

QUOTE – Keep Your Creativity Guarded

If you’re a creative person with ambitious ideas and no money or support to elevate your ideas, it’s hard to get noticed.  Often, someone will sail by with a plan to help you or advice to enhance your plans.  From past experience I’ve learned not to share the full picture (idea).  There’s a lot of snakes out there that will steal your ideas and pass them off as their own, just because they can. 

QUOTE – The State of Happiness

This quote is from our sister blog, Donnatella’s Space.  Just to kick off the mood…


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