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3rd Ear Wordz – Giving Up On You

Giving Up On You

Extract from “Giving Up On You”

A lyric about a failed relationship from the 3rd Ear Wordz vault.  

“I’ve had enough. I’m sick and tired of you taking me for granted.

Now I’m toughening up, cutting the ties that keep us banded.

Guys like you are too selfish, caught up in your own game.

Always promising changes, yet things remain the same.

Well I’ve tried, given you all that I could.

You fail to recognise how I feel.

And telling me you’re the one who’s been misunderstood.

You just don’t know when you’ve got something good.

So believe me cause this time it’s true.

I’m giving up on you.


Lost count of the times I had your back.

Whilst you were cheating behind mine.

Gave up on my dreams only for you to treat me so blatantly unkind

Oh why! Tell me one time that I ever did you wrong?

I’ve been such a fool to put up with you so long.

You used to love me, hold me, be there for me baby.

Now you walk over me, crush my pride and say that you care for me baby.

Well no more. I’m tired of being your fool.

Believe me boy, I’m giving up on you.


Now my eyes are open and I can see through the haze.

When I see you on the street, I’ll be looking the other way.

Cause I don’t want to see the tears in your eyes,

Or hear about how you’re hurting inside.

Because I know its all lies.

How many times do you want to throw your love on me?

Then when I don’t live up to your expectations, take it back from me.

I’m worth more than the drama you put me through.

Believe me boy, I’m giving up on you.”


Copyright D Woolcock for 3rd Ear Wordz


Poem/Lyric – What Am I Supposed To Do?

what am i to do

A relationship broken down.  The woman has given it her all but isn’t getting much of a response from her man. Does she fight for love or should she walk away from it?  What is she supposed to do?

You know how I feel for you

So why d’ya keep trying to make me prove

What’s perfectly clear

Pushing me away, double siding me

Is only gonna make me disappear

There’s only so much I can take

Damn it! I got feelings too

Wanna share my dreams with you

But you’re making it so hard for me

So hard for me

So what am I supposed to do?

It’s fair to say, I’ve gotta share the blame

Trying to steer you from the reality and pain

Tried to paint a perfect picture fantasy

Even though we were suffering in the misery

But please, you must always remember

Right or wrong I’ve always been there for ya

From January through to December

Stood there strong by your side

Trying to guide you through life

Now you’re pushing me, fighting me

Double siding me

After all that we’ve been through

Be honest with yourself

You know I’d never do that to you

So tell me what am I supposed to do?

I don’t wanna see you in misery

I don’t wanna see you in pain

But if it means a replay of all the hell we’ve been through

Then I don’t wanna see you again

You see trust means a lot to me

And you’ve broken mine too many times

Then you say you realise

And tell me you wanna give our relationship another try

But how do I know that you’re not just spinning another lie

I have feelings for you and always will do

But when you’re fighting me, double siding me. Tell me

What am I supposed to do?

*Copyright Lady Syxess 2007

*  This lyric was published under Lady Syxess (my other alias) and published on the now defunct Triond website.  All rights reserved.

LYRIC – You Can’t Have Me

This lyric was composed by myself around three years ago after the song “Funky Town” by Lipps Inc was stuck in my head.   My lyrics express a woman’s reaction to a rich player type guy who’s trying to impress her with his riches… but she’s not interested.


{Intro chorus sung slow}

I don’t want your diamonds

And I don’t need your gold

I don’t care ’bout platinum cards

Cuz my love can’t be sold

I don’t want your kisses

That breath can’t seduce me

I ain’t hearing your three little words

Cuz boy you’ll never

You’ll never have me

diamonds and gold

{Verse 1} You really think you’re something

Rocking your links [chains] like you’re so damned hot

Got all the girls lips-a-drippin’

But this lady right here is not

Why would I want your number?

Huh? When boy I’ve got my own

I don’t play with little boys, kid

I like my men grown


No, I don’t want your diamonds

And I don’t need your gold

I don’t care about your platinum card

Cuz my love can’t be sold

I don’t wanna go to no restaurant

Fancy dining ain’t my thing

Your money may buy you everything you want

But it sure as hell can’t buy

It can’t buy me

{verse 2} I ain’t checking for what car you’re driving

Or your reupholstered seats

I’ve already got my ride home

And if I didn’t, well I’ve got two feet

Don’t hit me with the “let’s be friends” line

Don’t tell me about your point of view

If I want to see a good time

I’ll see it better, far away from you

{repeat chorus}

Copyright 3rd Ear Girl for 3rd Ear Wordz publishing 2014

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